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Hey there, awesome shopper! 🛍️

Changed your mind? No worries! 🔄

  • You've got a whole 30 days to think it over and send items back our way.
  • Oops, missed the 30 day mark? We might have to skip the refund or exchange this time.

A few return-y things to remember: 📝

  • Send it back just as you got it - unused, happy, and in its original packaging.
  • Some things just can't come back home, like food, flowers, magazines, and a few others. Also, let's keep those intimate or potentially hazardous items out of the return mix.
  • Got your receipt or proof of purchase? Great! We'll need that.
  • Sending it back to the maker? Nah, send it to us instead.

Partial refunds? Here's the scoop: 💸

  • Books that look well-loved.
  • Opened CDs, DVDs, games, and the like.
  • Anything not quite how we sent it, unless it wasn't your doing.
  • Items that took a bit more than 30 days to come back.

Starting a return? 📦

  • Pop over to our contact page, drop in your order details, and we'll guide you through!

Shipping deets: 🚚

  • You'll cover the return shipping, and just a heads up, we won't be refunding those costs.
  • If you're sending something valued over £50, maybe track it or insure it. We'd hate for it to get lost in the post-world!

Refunds - The Fun Part! 💰

  • Once we get your return and give it a once-over, we'll ping you an email.
  • If all's good, your money will zoom back to your card or original payment method in about 5 working days.

Where's my refund? 🤔

  • No sign of it yet? Check with your bank or card company. Sometimes, they like to take things slow.
  • Still nothing? Reach out, and we'll help you hunt it down.

Exchanges - Swap it out! 🔄

  • Got a faulty or damaged item? Bummer! Let us know, and we'll swap it for a shiny new one.
  • Just contact us with your order deets, and we'll sort it out.

Thanks for shopping with us and for understanding our return dance! 🎈🎉