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Easter Eggs: From Ancient Symbol to Modern Tradition

Easter eggs are a cherished tradition that brings joy to people of all ages. From ancient symbolism to modern celebrations, the significance of Easter eggs has evolved over time. Let's explore the history and meaning behind this beloved custom.

The Origins of Easter Eggs

Easter eggs have deep roots in ancient civilisations, where they symbolised fertility and new life. In Christian traditions, the egg took on a profound meaning, representing the empty tomb from which Jesus Christ emerged, signifying resurrection and renewal.

The Art of Decorating Easter Eggs

Over time, the custom of decorating Easter eggs spread across cultures. Each region added its unique touch, from intricate designs in Eastern Europe to feather and ribbon adornments in Germany. Today, there are countless ways to decorate Easter eggs, from crayon shavings to sheet music.

The Symbolism of Easter Eggs

Beyond their decorative appeal, Easter eggs embody themes of hope, renewal, and the cycle of life. They serve as a visual reminder of the resurrection story and are a joyful expression of faith and celebration during the Easter season.

Modern Easter Egg Traditions

In contemporary times, Easter eggs continue to hold a special place in our hearts. Families engage in egg hunts, communal decorating sessions, and gifting colourful eggs as tokens of love and joy. The tradition has evolved with modern twists while retaining its core symbolism.


What do Easter eggs symbolise?

Easter eggs symbolise new beginnings, renewal, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

How are Easter eggs decorated?

Easter eggs can be decorated using various techniques such as painting, dyeing, or embellishing with materials like feathers or ribbons.

Why are Easter eggs given as gifts?

Giving Easter eggs as gifts is a gesture of sharing joy and celebrating the spirit of Easter with loved ones.

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