Valentine's Gifts For Her

by TU Warehouse on May 17, 2022


Valentine's Gifts For Her

The special day is fast approaching and despite the cold weather we can definitely sense that love is in the air. So get into the spirit of things and peep these extra cute, fun & quirky gifts we just knooow your special lady will love.

Despite the title of this post, we believe these gifts are perfect for everyone.


Pusheen Cat Headphones - £17.99

Your favourite lady can now be her (and the worlds) favourite animated felines. Not only do the ear cups feature a unique Pusheen design, but the metal headset is also beautifully crafted in the shape of Pusheens ears. When she opens her Valentine's gift to find these, her glee will be music to your ears.


Gold Rose - £69.99

Surprise her with something she's never seen before, a gift so rare it can only be worthy of your extraordinary lady (besides your mum obvs.). We can guarantee she'll be blown away by this single life-size rose, especially since it's dipped in pure 24K gold!


Unicorn Snow Globe - £16.99

Women are magical, we all know this. A unicorn is every woman's spirit animal by default and who doesn't love a snow globe?! This gift combines mystical spirit animal with the magic, colour and joy of a Snow Globe - It'd be down right foolish not to snap it up.


Inside Out Flute Champagne Flutes - £19.99

Give her something else to show off the next time you host, with these Inside Out Champagne Flutes. She'll also have you to thank once she scores a gang of likes from Pinterest & homeware fanatics as soon as she posts them on Insta.


Tokidoki - Glitter Tassel Charger - £14.99

Is it cute? Yup. Is it nifty? It sure is. Is it sparkly? Hells yes! And last time I checked those were the big three. Whether her phone is need of a transformation or not, this adorable tassel charger is great for staying connected on the go. Plus, it's compatible with iPhone 5/6/7/8/X and Android with Type-C and Micro USB connections.


Glow - Mini Selfie Light - £9.99

No more waiting whilst your girl takes endless selfies because she just can't get the perfect lighting. Give her the gift of perfect selfie lighting with this compact Glow Mini Selfie Light. It'll fit right into her smallest bag and the gold accents will go perfectly with everything she wears. Sounds like a Valentine's Day winner to us!


Recipe Cocktail Shaker - £19.99

Your missus is the cocktail queen and when you're mates aren't around you've been known to knock back one too many of her famous pornstar martinis, whilst watching sex and the city together. Now she might actually get the measurements right and you won't wake up on a Tuesday morning with a crazy hangover.