Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas

by Thumbs Up on May 17, 2022

Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Whether you call her your Ma, Mum, Mam, Mom or Mother - the woman who gave you life is an absolute queen and she deserves only the best on Mother's Day (and everyday in between of course).

If you're struggling to find a special mother's day gift, then check out this list of unique gift ideas we think your Mum will love!


Super Mum Mug

Super Mum Mug - £9.99

She made you your packed lunches for the many years you went to school, she's been your shoulder to cry on during tough times and she's recently managed to master Instagram, Facebook and know when she's received a dodgy email. Sounds like your Super Mum needs a Super Mum Mug.


Diamond Glass Set

Soiree Diamond Glasses - £19.99

Even if she's more Mrs Bucket than Bouquet - your ma deserves to enjoy her favourite beveragè in a classy glass that'll make the other mums very jealous.


Swipe Tassel Charging Cable

Swipe Tassel Charging Cable - £11.99

If your mum runs out of battery, how will she be able to send you all those totally convenient chain Whats App messages you love so much? You need to get her one of these, or you'll have bad luck for 35 years.


Recipe Cocktail Shaker

Soiree Recipe Cocktail Shaker - £19.99

You Mom might be more of a wine or whiskey gal, but that doesn't mean she can't become the next best cocktail maker the world has been waiting for. Plus, whatever she creates can be another recipe or concoction, for you to steal and show off!