The Right Way To Enjoy Your Wine

by TU Warehouse on May 17, 2022


The Right Way To Enjoy Your Wine

We know what you're thinking - what is the right way to drink wine?

Well, to be honest, there are lots of different ways to enjoy lots of different types of wine. And we're not going to list them all, since that would make one of the longest reads ever.

So, instead we've put together some of the best ways that'll help you truly enjoy your favourite wine.


By taking care of it

Original Stormtrooper Bottle Stopper

Leaving your bottle open and letting your wine aerate is great if you're planning on drinking it all at once. However, if you're having a glass here and there, or you're trying a few different bottles - just make sure you keep the bottle top on.
Or, you could always pop our Original Stormtrooper Bottle Stopper on top. Keeping your wine, fine.


Having fun with it

Pint-o-wine glass

Sometimes a double just won't cut it. Sometimes, having to pour several glasses of wine is just too much fuss. And sometimes, your wine glass just isn't classy enough. If these are problems that you desperately need a solution for, then the Pint-O-Wine Glass is what you need. Just look at it - convenience and class in a glass.


Dressing it up

Diamond Decanter

There's nothing wrong with a wine bottle. You can get beautiful wine bottles that you're more than happy to have on display. But we highly doubt you've seen a decanter this cool, this sleek and this chic. Next time you have your fancy pals or that one bourgeois friend (we all have one) over for dinner, dress your tipple up in this Diamond Decanter.


Savouring it

Single Double Glass

If you can't decide whether to have a single, or a double measure of wine, this Single Double Glass is your best bet - you can have both! It's also handy if you have to measure your wine, when on a super fun diet.


Loosening it up

Vino Glass

Aerating your wine just before you drink it, allows for undesirable compounds to evaporate, so you can enjoy a looser and more delicate taste in your wine. You can tire your wrist out by whirling your wine around between every sip, orrrrr you can let our Aerating Vino Glass do all the hard work for you.

These are just some of our tip for getting the most out of your wine. You can always just drink it out of a mug when no one's around. That works too.