Summer Party Checklist

by Thumbs Up on May 17, 2022

Summer Party Checklist

The sun has been teasing us for the last couple of weeks. Which can only mean that it's officially summer in the UK.
This means that it's time to start scheduling in lots of summer activities and parties. Here are some essentials you should always have on deck, whether you're a guest or the host.
If you like to stay organised when it comes to attending or planning a party, then this checklist is for you.


✅ A decent sound system


A party without a decent speaker and some good music, just isn't a party. We highly recommend dotting around a couple or a few Bluetooth speakers to make sure you've covered good ground. These Twin Bluetooth Speakers will provide more than decent sound, plus they can attach to each other so you have the choice of one speaker or two.


✅ A backup DJ for when your playlist has been exhausted


Just because you have 5 hour long playlist doesn't mean you'll please everyone. There's nothing wrong with background music, but having specially selected songs to set the mood during the day or night is a must. The DJ Mini Mixer is a great backup in case of playlist lulls and you can plug in two different devices and mix songs between them. Winner winner, chicken dinner!


✅ Party Games



Beer pong and flippy cup and sure-fire winners at any summer party. But it''s also good to have something on hand for the non-drinkers and kids (if they must come). Coaster games ( Drinking Games + Puzzle Coasters) are good low-maintenance options to have to keep everyone pleased.


✅ A drinks station


Make refreshments a breeze with this Gin Station - all you have to do is keep the ice stacked up and the rest will take care of itself.


✅ Bottle Openers



A classic essential and an absolute must-have. Make sure you don't have guests wondering around trying to find something to open they're bottled liquids with and have a number of these scattered around. You can go one step forward and supply some fun bottle openers like this Original Stormtrooper one.


✅ String or Fairy Lights to keep the party going after dark



Grass marks on your carpet are never a good look. Keep your guests outside and enjoying the summer party vibes by adding some low key yet effective lighting. These Fairy Jars are solar powered so you can rely on them all summer long.