Unconventional Self Care Guide

by Thumbs Up on May 17, 2022


Unconventional Self Care Guide

It's mental health awareness week and although we're strong believers in self-care all day every day, we know that practising self-care isn't always straightforward or fun.


We haven't made as much noise about mental health as we'd like to. But, we've recently been practising mindfulness at Thumbs Up HQ and opening discussions about our external and internal environments, how we can keep those as tidy and comfortable as possible. Not only for ourselves, but also for those around us.


So, with that in mind, this isn't going to be one of those posts where we tell you which of our super fun products will solve all your problems. We'll throw in a 1 or 2 that might just help you switch off, or on, here and there.
However, we hope the following guide will add some ease and fun to your new or existing self-care regimen.



End Your Day With Bob Ross

Bob Ross Beauty Is Everywhere

If you're not familiar with the works of Bob Ross, you're in for a treat. The late Mr Ross has two paint-along style shows on Netflix "Chill with Bob Ross" and "Beauty Is Everywhere". His shows are known to simulate ASMR, or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response through the therapeutic sounds of the brush strokes and his incredibly chill voice. He lived up in the mountains with his wife and wide range of super cute pet animals. With them and his endless artistic talents Bob Ross provides lessons in painting, life and looking after adorable animals.

Download the White Noise App

White Noise App

White noise has been proven to work effectively and efficiently to calm even the harshest of moods and improve sleep for many people. There are plenty of White Noise Apps that'll give you great results, but our personal favourite is the TMSOFT version which is available on both the App Store & Google Play. You can take davantage of existing noises and also make your own! We also recommend pairing this app with our Music Sleep Mask for ultimate comfort.


Spend Time Looking At Useless Facts.

It's not always easy to switch off when you're sad, angry or anxious, however learning useless facts is a fun way to distract yourself. One of our go to platforms for this is the TIL tumblr account - you can learn new random things that can be consumed in bitesize pieces of information. Plus, you'll kill it at all pub quizzes - sounds like a win-win to us.



Say something nice to someone

It'd be standard procedure to tell you to learn a new skill, but to be honest not everyone has the time, energy or resources to do that. So instead, you could try getting out of your comfort zone by complimenting a stranger or a colleague. Using positive language is great for lifting spirits and generally improving your mood, especially when employing self affirmations into your daily routines. However, paying someone a compliment and seeing how it affects them can have a positive affect on your mood. When you put out good energy, you get it back.

Write yourself a letter/text of encouragement

Most of us will be familiar with the practise of writing self-affirmations and keeping a "grateful for" journal, and those activities can really help to improve your self-esteem, but they can be a bit short lived. If you're the type that likes to reflect on a single reference of positivity, then writing or texting yourself a letter of encouragement could be your go-to fix for the bad days. Whether you're the traditional type and you love penning physical notes, or you're the type who lives through they're phone notes, this is something everyone can do.


Play a game on your phone for 10 minutes

This might sound like nonsense, but taking a 10 minute break will not only distract you from procrastination frustrations, you'll also force yourself to exercise your focus muscle. Ten minutes is also the perfect amount of time to avoid getting lost in a game. Plus, playing a game on your phone will allow for less commitment than a full on video game. The endorphins created from a fun challenge will shift your attitude from indifferent to motivated. So, turn on the timer on your phone, play a game for 10 minutes and then get back to that project/work/task you've been avoiding. You'll be surprised how quickly you'll become focused.

Listen to Binaural Beats

Binaural Beats

If you can't seem to find the perfect "Getting sh*t done" playlist, Binaural Beats may be the answer to your concentration/focus prayers. You're probably wondering what sets this playlist apart from your combination of Whitney, Britney & 80's power ballads. Well, Binaural Beats are pieces of music composed to enhance concentration by travelling through different brainwave frequencies until you reach peak awareness in Gamma state (when you're most awake). Spotify's version is a great one to start with, you can find plenty of great Binaural tracks on YouTube & any other streaming platform.