Office Games You'll Actually Enjoy

by TU Warehouse on May 17, 2022


Office Games You'll Actually Enjoy

It's pretty important to have a little down-time during your working day. And we don't mean looking at Instagram. We're not judging - It's just that instead of looking at another screen, why not engage in some office competition. 

Office games can sometimes be off-putting so we totally get it if the very idea of organised fun in the office makes you shudder. However, we're not talking connect 4 (even though we're all for that), or Monopoly. Nope. We're talking office games you can actually get into.

So, leave that excel sheet or design that's been driving you crazy and have a crack at some of these games. There's something for everyone and you never know, you miiight just make a new work friend.


Orb 2 Player Mini Arcade Machine

2 Player Retro Arcade Machine

You won't know real fun until you've played a few games on this 2  Player Retro Arcade Machine. Get you work bestie on the case for some laughs, nostalgia and awesome arcade games. Not feeling to buddy up? You can also play on your own. We know the work hermits will appreciate.

  Desktop Football

Desktop Table Tennis & Desktop Football

Our desktop range is perfect for office fun. You can get into some curling for a casual distraction. Play some Desktop Table Tennis whilst you settle whether Table Tennis and Ping Pong are the same thing. Or set up some high stakes gaming with the Desktop Football. Loser buys the round after work.




Not your typical inside game. Not your typical game full stop. This one for the quirky sport & game enthusiasts. Try golf with a spin and get some hilarious Insta pics at the same time.

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