Necessities for Summer, Home or Away

by Heldesk Wiseloads on May 17, 2022
The Sun is finally out. Travelling, camping or staying at home, we have all you need to keep you going in the longest days of the year.
For those going to festivals, on holiday or just spending time outdoors, we've put together Thumbs Up's finest products to ensure the fun never stops.


We can guarantee even if you're going out for the day your battery will fall below 20% within minutes of leaving the house, BUT with our huge 4000mah powerbanks, perfect for festivals or camping where plugs aren't available, you will have enough power to last a whole weekend away.
Our smaller 2000mah powerbanks and themed powerbanks will also keep you juiced up and looking trendy for days in the sun. 

Alongside the powerbanks we have every possible type of cable & plug you may need, from duel car chargers and car mounts (for extra demand on long road trips) to travel plugs that will work anywhere in the world.  

Ok, so now you've made sure your electronics are fine, it's time to get to the nitty and gritty part of your camping festivals. Our Original Stormtrooper flask will keep you boozed up all day and all night, while our 7 in 1 grooming tool will keep you looking as close to tip top condition (as humanely possible) when the going gets tough.
BUT - if you really and TRULY hit rock bottom, Thumbs Up's gadget travel organiser provides multiple compartments, that can hide away any necessities, essential to lifting yourself back up again and keep the party going. 



So, you're out in the sun rocking your best summer dress... or outfit, keeping up with the latest fashion trend. You are literally looking to die for. It is quintessential you get that edgy image to light up your instagram account, but alas you only have your standard camera. 
Well do not fret because Thumbs up can sort you out. Our Mobile lens kit offers a 0.67x Wide angle, macro and fish eye lense that will have your followers drooling over your content, while you ascertain to the limits of edginess. 



Home is where the heart is, but also, home is where the sun isn't. At Thumbs Up we get it, sometimes it is just too hot to leave the house. We provide a multitude of games that will make sure you'll be prepared for the long summer months. 
If you're a more relaxed gamer why not try the old but new, you can jump into our Retro Handheld console and Mini retro arcade machine built in with an impressive 200 and 300 games respectively. 

For more active kids and families alike we have, an Inflatable roller wheel, desktop games and an RC wall climbing car. This will most certainly pass time while the heat is sweltering outside, giving parents the much needed rest they deserve while their kids are off school. 

If there was one activity that defines summer beyond anything it is BBQ's, we may not sell an actual barbecue but we have the next most important thing... speakers. Our large range suits BBQ's of all sizes from imposing Boombox speakers to mini unicorn and dog speakers

We even have DJ mini mixer that will top off the summer of your life, whether it be Home and Away.