Christmas Gift Ideas Under £15

by TU Warehouse on May 17, 2022

Christmas Gift Ideas Under £15

Check out this quick list of cool, fun and thoughtful gifts under £15.


Tokidoki Bento Box - £9.99

The perfect gift for that person who lives for making too much food and eating leftovers. Or for that friend who keeps saying that they need to stop buying their lunch.


Retro Pocket Games - £14.99

This one's an absolute steal for 100+ classic 8-bit games that'll fit right into your gamer friend or colleague's pocket.


Gadget Travel Organiser - £14.99

No more losing headphones or any of your other essential travel gadgets. You're highly organised loved one's will truly appreciate this travel hack in a case.


Original Stormtrooper Espresso Mug Set - £14.99

As Espresso mugs go, these are the coolest we've ever seen. Help that special person start their day off right with this awesome set.



Pusheen Mini Hot Water Bottle - £8.99

We all have that one friend that's always cold and could really do with one of these. It also comes with this adorable, fluffy cover so you'll be giving the gift of guaranteed warm hugs.


Tassel Charging Cable - £11.99

This nifty charging cable is chic, minimal and the perfect accessory for someone who loves a gadget and likes to keep their personal style very low-key.