by TU Warehouse on May 17, 2022


4 Unique Party Essentials Under £40

Whether you're hosting or attending parties over the next couple of weeks - It's essential that you either host in style or arrive with a fun gift.

Below are 4 unique party must haves under £40 that'll be sure to crown you as the hostess with the mostess or the guest of honour.


Original Stormtrooper Decanter - £24.99

Just look at it. It's a killer centrepiece and conversation starter all in one.


Cocktail Recipe Shaker - £19.99

This two-hit wonder has all the classic cocktail recipes you need to please your guests. Plus, it's also a cocktail shaker. Talk about feeding 2 birds with one scone.


Bluetooth BoombBox Speaker - £24.99

There ain't no party like a boombox party. You always need music and this bad boy boasts 6, non-stop hours of audio delight.


Drinking Games Beer Mat - £4.99

20 games that also double as beer mats - convenience & fun in a decently priced package.